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EpiphoneCentury E422T1961Royal BurgundyHCarched laminated maple body/mahogany neck/P90/ kluson tuner/Sprague black beauty/All original,,Clean&Beauty.Sold
EpiphoneCASINO E230TD1967ShadedOHCarched laminated maple body/mahogany neck/kluson double line/ABR-1with nylon saddle/All Original/comes in Gibson original hard caseSold
EpiphoneGRANADA E444TC1966ShadedHCthinline cutaway arch top & back laminated maple body/mahogany neck/MM pickup/kluson double lineSold
FenderSTARCASTER1977BlondOHCarched laminated highly flame maple body/figured maple neck/Schaller tuner(Fender original)/All original/Beauty!! MINT ConditionSold
FenderMusicmasterII1965WhiteHCpoplar body/maple neck rosewoood fingerboard A neck24scale22F/kluson double line tuner/all originalSold
FenderDuosonic1959BeigeOHCmaple neck 22 1/2scale21F short neck/kluson single line tuner/anodized pickguard/ALL ORIGINALSold
FenderDuosonic1962SunburstOHCpoplar body/maple neck slab rosewoood fingerboard A type22 1/2scale21F/kluson single line tunerSold
FenderDuosonicII1964Cherry redOHCpopular body/maple neck 22 1/2scale21f A neck/kluson double line tuner/gray bobin formvar wire/All original/URTLA RARE COLORSold
GibsonES-125T1958SunburstOCCthinline arch top & back laminated maple body/mahogany neck/42mm wide neck/P90 pickup/original kluson single line/nickel plated hardware/figured maple top/T code serial商談中
GibsonES-125T1964SunburstSCthinline arch top & back laminated maple body/mahogany neck/42mm wide neck/P90 pickup/kluson single line/nickel plated hardware/All OriginalSold
GibsonES-125TC1965Cherry BurstHCthinline single cutaway arch top & back laminated maple body/mahogany neck /P90 pickup/kluson double line/chrome plated hardware/cool & beautySold
GibsonES-125TDC1967SunburstOCCthinline single cutaway arch top & back laminated maple body/mahogany neck/P90 pickup/sprague black beauty/kluson double line/chrome plated hardware/BEAUTY!! MINT CONDITIONSold
GibsonES-150DCW1969WalnutOHCarched laminated full depth maple body/mahogany 3P neck,no volute no impress/kluson double ring tuner/P.A.TABR-1with nylon saddle/numbered P.A.F/original sprague orange drop cap/orange label/MINT CONDITION,ALL ORIGINALSold
GibsonES-150DCN1969BlondOHCarched laminated full depth figured maple body/mahogany 3P neck,no volute no impress/Schaller double ring tuner/P.A.TABR-1with nylon saddle/numbered P.A.F/original sprague orange drop cap/orange label/Beautiful!!Sold
GibsonES-1751954SunburstOHC16 1/4 wide pointed cutaway arched laminated maple body/mahogany neck/double parallerogram inlay crown peghead/new kluson single ring tuner/original P-90/white oval label A series number/comes in original Lifton hard case/AMAZING!! Special priceSold
GibsonES-175D1969SunburstOHC16 1/4 wide pointed cutaway arched laminated figured maple body/mahogany 1p neck no volute no impress/double parallerogram inlay crown peghead/original kluson double ring tuner/numbered P.A.FSold
GibsonES-175D1979BlondOHC16 1/4 wide pointed cutaway arched laminated maple body/maple 3p 42mm wide neck/double parallerogram inlay.crown peghead/Gibson logo schaller tuner/T bobbin stamped P.A.F/ALL ORIGINAL/Closet Classic MINT CONDITIONSold
GibsonES-330TDC1968CherryOCCthinline arch top & back laminated maple body/mahogany 1p neck no volute,no impress,Deep joint,long neck/P90 pickup/kluson double line/ABR-1 with nylon saddle/ALL ORIGINAL/BEAUTY!!Sold
GibsonES-330TDCV1965CherryOHCthinline arch top & back laminated maple body/mahogany neck/P90 pickup/kluson double line/ABR-1 no PAT number with nylon saddle/all original beautiful..MINT condition/FACTORY ORIGINAL MAESTRO VIBRATO/comes in lifton hard caseSold
GibsonES-335TD1968SunburstOHCarched laminated maple body/mahogany neck/kluson double line tuner/P.A.T ABR-1 with nylon saddle/numbered P.A.F/original SPRAGUE black beauty/ALL ORIGINAL/FIGURED MAPLE BODY/comes in original Lifton HC/Cean & BeautySold
GibsonES-335TDC1968Cherry redOHCarched laminated maple body/mahogany neck/kluson tuner(kluson logo)/P.A.TABR-1with nylon saddle/numbered P.A.F/original sprague black beauty/BEAUTIFUL/Super Mint All originalSold
GibsonES-335TD1972Icetea BurstOHCarched laminated maple body flame maple back/full length center block/mahogany 3P neck/kluson double line tuner/P.A.T ABR-1/numbered P.A.F/Original CDE cap/comes in original hard caseSold
GibsonES-335TDC1973CherryOHCarched laminated maple body/mahogany 3P neck/kluson double line tuner/P.A.TABR-1with brass saddle/numbered P.A.F/Original SPRAGUE BLACK BEAUTY/All original,,Beauty MINT conditionSold
GibsonES-335TD1973IceteaburstOHCarched laminated maple body birdseye back/mahogany neck/kluson double line tuner/P.A.T ABR-1 with brass saddle/numbered P.A.F/comes in original LIFTON hard case/ALL ORIGINAL/CLEAN!!Sold
GibsonES-335TD1975SunburstOHCarched laminated maple body/maple neck/kluson double line tuner/P.A.T ABR-1 with brass saddle/stamped P.A.F/comes in original hard case/BEAUTY,, MINT Condition/ALL ORIGINALSold
GibsonES-335TDC dot1979Cherry RedOHCarched laminated maple body/FULL Length Center Block/DEEP JOINT maple neck dot inlay 42mm WIDE Neck/Schaller M6 keystone Gibson logo tuner/Factory Original Stop Tailpiece/nashville TOM(Original germany schaller)/Stamped P.A.F/KALAMAZOO MADE!!/MINT Condition¥238,000
GibsonES-335TDW1979WalnutOHCarched laminated maple body/full length center block/DEEP JOINT maple neck block inlay 42mm wide neck/Schaller(kluson type)Gibson logo tuner/nashville TOM(Original germany schaller)/Stamped P.A.F/KALAMAZOO MADE!!/ALL ORIGINAL,,CLEAN & BEAUTIFUL!!Sold
GibsonES-335TD Dot Reissue1985BlondOHCarched laminated maple body/deep joint mahogany 1P neck/42mm wide neck/17°angle head/Grover USA tuner/nashville TOM stoptailpiece/nickel plated parts/stamped Tim Shaw P.A.F nickel covered/Pre Custom Shop Model/All original,,,RARE BLOND BEAUTY!!Sold
GibsonES-335TDN1987BlondOHCarched laminated maple body/deep joint mahogany 1P neck/17°angle head/Grover USA tuner/nashville TOM stoptailpiece/nickel plated parts/stamped Tim Shaw P.A.F nickel covered/All original,,,MINT CONDITION,,BEAUTY!!Sold
GibsonES-355TDSV1972WalnutOHCarched laminated maple body/mahogany 3P neck/kluson tuner/P.A.TABR-1with brass saddle/maestro vibrato/numbered P.A.F embossed logo/Mono output/AMAZING!!COOL!!Sold
GibsonLes Paul Kalamazoo1979Cherry BurstOHCmaple 2p top mahpgany 1p back/maple neck/grover tuner/double white stamped P.A.F/nashville TOM/Custom Made..BEAUTY!!Sold
GibsonLes Paul Standard Kalamazoo CMT1980Tabaco SunburstOHCcurly maple 2p top mahogany 1p back/maple neck/Gibson logo key stone schaller tuner/nashville TOM stoptailpiece/stamped P.A.F/ALL ORIGINAL,SUPER MINT CLOSET CLASSIC CONDITIONSold
GibsonLes Paul Standard CMT1980Cherry BurstOHCbookmatch 2p caving curly maple top/mahogany 1p back/maple neck/grover 1knob tuner/nashville TOM stoptailpiece/stamped P.A.FSold
GibsonLes Paul Heritage Series Standard-801980Cherry BurstOHCfigured hardrock maple top mahogany 1p back/mahogany 3p neck,17angle head/rosewood fingerboard/GROVER tuner/new P.A.F/ALL ORIGINAL,,MINT CONDITION,,AWESOME!!Sold
GibsonLes Paul Standard '59Reissue1987Heritage CSBHCbookmatch 2p caving highly flame maple top mahogany 1p back/mahogany 1p neck/Tim Shaw Stamped P.A.F/Schaller1knob tuner/ABR-1/nickel plated parts/42mm wide neck/AWESOME!! BEAUTIFUL/Pre Custom ShopSold
GibsonLes Paul Standard '59Reissue1989Heritage CSBOHCbookmatch 2p caving highly flame maple top mahogany 1p back/mahogany 1p neck/17°angle head/highly rosewood fingerboard/Tim Shaw Stamped P.A.F/original Schaller1knob tuner/ABR-1/nickel plated parts/42mm wide neck,narrower shape/AWESOME!! BEAUTIFUL/Pre Custom Shop/All originalSold
GibsonLes Paul Standard '59Reissue1990Heritage CSBOHCbookmatch 2p caving highly flame maple top mahogany 1p back/mahogany 1p neck/Stamped P.A.F(Tim Shaw)/kluson type1knob tuner/42mm wide neck,narrower shape/MINT Condition.ALL ORIGINAL/Pre Custom ShopSold
GibsonLes Paul Standard Premium Birdseye1995Cherry BurstOHC3piece premium birdseye maple top/1p mahogany back/1p mahogany neck/Gibson logo Schaller tuner/nashville TOM/490R,498T pickup/AMAZING!!MINT CONDITIONSold
GibsonLes Paul Standard Class52002Trans AmberOHCbookmatch 2p caving highly class5 quilt maple top mahogany 1p back/mahogany 1p deep joint neck/42mm wide neck/burstbucker #2,3/kluson double line type1knob tuner/ABR-1,aluminum stoptailpiece/nickel plated parts/BEAUTY!!MINT CONDITION,ALL ORIGINAL¥298,000
GibsonMelody Maker1959SunburstOCCmahogany body & neck/wide pickup(1959 only)/kluson single line/original bar bridgeSold
Gretsch6119 Tennessean1965CherryOHCarch top & back laminated maple body/maple neck/Hi-Lo'Tron pickup/Gretsch bigsby/head top serial no plate/all original/beatiful very cleanSold
Gretsch6184 Electromatic Corvette1955Jaguar TanOHC16inch non cutaway archtop & back/maple body & mahogany neck/G-logo tailpiece/De'Armond Dynasonic pickup/rare color/Beauty & Cool!!Sold
GuildS-50 Jet Star1966Cherry redSCsolid mahogany body/1p mahogany neck/P90 type pickup/optional Hagstrom vibrato & bridge/COOL!!Sold
GuildT-100BDP Slim Jim1960BlondOHC16wide thinline pointed cutaway arched laminated maple top, laminated maple side and back/1p mahogany neck/original P90 type pickup/Grover sti-tite tuner/harp tailpiece/simple G logo chesterfield inlay/All original/Super COOL!!Sold
GuildX-50 Cordoba1965BlondHC16wide non cutaway arched laminated mapletop, laminated maple side and back/1p mahogany neck/large singlecoil pickup/Van Ghent tuner/harp tailpiece/stair step pickguard/MINT condition..BeautifulSold
RickenbackerCombo4001956Cloverfield GreenOHCalder body & neck/through neck 24inch scale/anodised alumi pickguard & name plate/De'Armond bar magnet pickup/GROVER stitite tuner/1vol,tone,low cut switch/astron yellow cap/ALL ORIGINALSold
RickenbackerModel10001957Jet GloOHCalder body & neck/aluminum nameplate/kluson tuner/De'Armond pickup/flying saucer knob/All OriginalSold
LUMTRIC SonicTEL Telecaster type2011metallic redOHC2011.Nov/ash body/maple neck slab rosewood finger board 22f/wilkinson WT3 bridge/tone pull turbo SW/all original ¥198,000

Amplifiers & Pedals

FenderVIBROLUX REVERB alumi trim19687025,12AX7A,12AT7A,6L6GTA,GZ34,Oxford12inchx2Sold
FenderDELUXE REVERB alumi trim19687025,12AX7,12AT7,6V6GT,GZ34,Oxford12inch speakerSold
FenderPrinceton AMP 6G2196412AX7x2,6V6GTx2,5Y3,original Oxford Alnico10inch speaker¥218,000
FenderPrinceton Amp 6G2196412AX7x2,6V6GTx2,5Y3,original Oxford Alnico10inch speakerSold
FenderPrinceton Amp AA964196512AX7x2,,6V6GTx2,GZ34,original Oxford10inch speakerSold
FenderPrinceton Amp196612AX7x2,,6V6GTx2,GZ34,original JENSEN10inch speakerSold
FenderChamp No emblem196512AX7,6V6,5Y3,original Oxford R8EVSold
FenderChamp Black Panel196612AX7,6V6,5Y3,original Oxford R8EVSold
FenderCHAMP aluminum frame1967AA764,12AX7,6V6,5Y3Vintage RCA tube,original Oxford R8EVSold
FenderChamp silver 197512AX7,6V6,5Y3,original Oxford R8EV59Sold
FenderVibro Champ BP No emblem1964AA764,12AX7,6V6,5Y3,Vintage RCA tube,original Oxford R8EVSold
FenderVibro Champ BP No emblem1965AA764,7025,12AX7,6V6,5Y3,Vintage RCA tube,original Oxford R8EVSold
FenderVibro Champ BP1966AA764,7025,12AX7,6V6,5Y3,Vintage RCA tube,original Oxford R8EVSold

Accessories & Parts

Vintage TubesGE 6550A N.O.S(Original Box) PairSold
Vintage TubesGE 6V6GTA smoke glassN.O.S(Original Box)60's¥6,800
Vintage TubesGE 6V6GTA N.O.S(Original Box)60's¥6,800
Vintage TubesGE 6V6GTA N.O.S70's¥5,800
Vintage TubesGE 6V6GTG orange letter 60's
Vintage TubesGE 5Y3GT N.O.S Brown base
2 in stock
Vintage TubesGE 12AX7WA N.O.S(Original Box)Sold
Vintage TubesPhilco 5U4GB¥3,800
Vintage TubesRCA 7025 orange letter N.O.S¥7,800
Vintage TubesRCA 12AX7A N.O.S(Box) short plateSold
Vintage TubesRCA 12AX7 N.O.S(Box) long black plate white letterSold
Vintage TubesRCA 12AU7 N.O.S(Original Box)¥4,800
Vintage TubesRCA 6BQ5/EL84 pair 60'sSold
Vintage TubesRCA 6V6GT silver letter smoke(Original Box)Sold
Vintage TubesRCA 6V6GTA orange letter 60's pairSold
Vintage TubesRCA 5Y3GT N.O.S silver letter 60's¥5,800
Vintage TubesSYLVANIA 12AX7AN.O.S(Original Box)Sold
Vintage TubesPhilips 12AX7WA N.O.S JAN(box) Sold
Vintage TubesPhilips 6SN7WGT( Brown) for tweed champ¥3,800
Vintage TubesTUNG-SOL 5Y3GT N.O.S(Original Box)¥5,800
Vintage TubesHITACHI 12BY7A Pair¥1,800
Vintage TubesVOX logo MULLARD(Blackburn)
ECC-83 quad(4P)
Vintage TubesAMPEREX HOLLAND ECC83 Bugleboy quad(4P)Sold
Vintage TubesFender Tube Set 7025(GE)12AX7(Sylvania)6V6GT Pair(GE),5Y3GT(Sylvania) All Fender Logo For Princeton¥28,000
PartsGuild 1960's Humbucker pickup¥28,000
PartsDe'Armond Dynasonic late50's whitetopSold
PartsGibson StampedP.A.F70's nickel coverSold
PartsGibson StampedP.A.F70's chrom coverSold
PartsGibson StampedP.A.F70's gold coverSold
PartsGibson numberedP.A.F Mini 70's Chrom cover¥28,000
PartsFender flatpole gray bobbin70's¥22,000
PartsGretsch Tuner Van-Ghent 1960's for vintage tennessean,anniversary,etc¥32,000
PartsGrover Sta-Tite 3:3 nickel open-gear, butter bean button late50's vintage¥38,000
PartsGrover Rotomatics 60's PAT impress,dome back,chrome,RARE!¥38,000
PartsGrover Rotomatics 70's
PartsGibson Tuner 70's GROVER
PartsGibson Tuner 70's Schaller Keystone,chrome¥28,000
PartsGibson Tuner 70's Schaller Keystone,chrome,side screw,RARE!!¥38,000
PartsFender F-key Chrome for 70's vintage¥28,000
PartsFender Arm Bar For Mustang inch¥2,600
PartsFender Slide switch for Mustang¥1,800
PartsFender Slide switch for Jaguar¥1,500
PartsBigsby B-3 Used Polished Alumi ¥7,800
PartsBigsby B-11silver 1960's for arch top¥38,000
PartsEpiphone Tremotone Vibrato For Casino,Riviera,etc 1960'sSold
PartsCTS POT 1Mg,500K,250K¥900
PartsSwitchcraft Out put jack¥540
PartsALPHA 6point Rotary SW¥1,620